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Why choose Hamacas Paradise?

We sell hammocks, swing chairs and handcrafted wooden furniture of high quality. Hand-made by expert craftsmen, our products are not only characterized by their freshness, design and quality, but they are also responsibly made from natural, recyclable and/or biodegradable raw materials, through environmentally friendly processes.


Handmade products, made from cotton fibers, hardwoods and other recycled materials, offer unique finishes, thanks to years of experience of our craftsmen.

100% cotton

We have a wide variety of products made from yarn 100% cotton, which gives our products a unique comfort, freshness and durability.

Eco friendly

As a company committed to the environment, we take care that our suppliers manage natural resources responsibly.


The life span of our products is around 5-10 years, most of which are biodegradable, thanks to their 100% natural origin.

Clean Industry

Clean and environmentally responsible processes, especially in water management.


We allocate resources to contribute to the reforestation of forests in the Central American region.


Exclusive concepts. In our shop you will find what you are looking for, including unique and personalized products for the most demanding tastes.

Excellent support

Our customer service is second to none: we don't rest until every problem is solved to the satisfaction of our customers.

Secure Payment

With 128-bit SSL security with advanced encryption, you're assured that your purchases are safe.