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You have to find an appropriate place that offers enough space and a suitable point to hang from.

If you have already found the ideal place for your hammock, it is time to calculate how high you should place it and this can be calculated with a simple rule: y = x/2

Our handmade hammocks are made from cotton and hardwoods, providing them with a unique design and style, thanks to the fine work of expert craftsmen. Cotton is resistant to tears, absorbs moisture, and with proper care is highly durable and gentle on the skin.

Yes, you can. Color, size, style and text on fringe are all customizable characteristics.

How to fold a hammock

We show you the correct way to fold a hammock with wooden -ends. This procedure requires 2 people. The supports are also known as bobbins or sticks. The general procedure basically consists of (1) Roll up the hammock, (2) Stretch and tension (3) Tie at the ends and (4) Put away.

Step by Step

Before starting to roll up the hammock, push the supports (poles) downwards. Place the wooden ornaments that hang at the end of the stick on the inside. Then fold, one by one, the flights first and then the arms with the rings, on the body of the hammock. At that point you can start rolling with the help of the other person. Before reaching the ring, fold it up before continuing to roll. Take a break from time to time to stretch and tighten. This is achieved by taking the end brackets and pulling out. This will allow you to achieve a firmer hammock in its fold. Once fully rolled up, tie at the ends. Lastly, put the hammock in its bag.


Double stitch

This type of fabric is made with two sets of cotton handles which are intertwined to create an ideal support.


This type of fabric is made with the help of a loom in which parallel cotton handles are placed and with the vertical movement of a wooden instrument they are intertwined and creating the machete-type fabric with the selected design.


Using other hand-weaving techniques, it is characterized by an S style, which when combined in different colors offers a unique and attractive finish in design.

Protect from rubbing, sharp objects and cigarettes

When hanging your hammock you have to pay attention that it hangs well and does not rub against the ground. Hammocks must be protected from sharp objects such as scissors or knives. Smokers must be especially careful not to burn the hammock with the incandescence of the cigarette.

Pick up at night

Take down your hammock when it starts to get dark to protect it from the dew and from being soiled by nocturnal animals. If it does get wet, let it dry well.

Do not expose it to the rain.

Wooden-end hammocks should be hand washed with delicate laundry detergent and allowed to dry well. They should not be washed in the washing machine.

The traveling type hammocks must be washed by hand, you have to tie all the cables of the hammock to prevent them from getting tangled and wash it with detergent for delicate clothes.

Yes, at Hamacas Paradise we care a lot about the environment and as part of our plan for each product sold that has wooden details, we plant two trees in the Baja Verapaz region, Guatemala.

The Baja Verapaz region is one of the departments that make up the dry corridor, this is an area very vulnerable to droughts.

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Yes, if you are interested in a product that is out of stock, you can order it and we will have it for you in 7-12 days (due to COVID-19 these times may be affected).

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